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Below you can find details of relevant publications, including articles, reports and presentation slides.  Please feel free to download (where available) and use them for reference purposes.

Developing Deaf Legal Theory

  • POWERPOINT | Wilks, R. (2022, November 10). Developing Deaf Legal Theory. [University of Birmingham Language and Law Seminars]. [download]

Deaf education

  • REPORT | Wilks, R. & O’Neill, R. (2022). Deaf Education in Scotland and Wales: Attitudes to British Sign Language in deaf education compared to Gaelic and Welsh. [download]
  • REPORT | O’Neill, R., & Wilks, R. (2021). The impact of the British Sign Language (Scotland) Act 2015 on deaf education. [download]

Equality law

  • THESIS | Wilks, R. (2020). Making equality law work for Deaf people [Doctoral dissertation, University of Leicester]. University of Leicester Repository. [download].
  • POWERPOINT | Wilks, R. (2017, August). Why equality law and Deaf people don’t get on: developing Deaf Legal Theory. [Deaf Academics Conference, Copenhagen]. [download]

Sign language interpreters and translators

  • BOOK CHAPTER | Wilks, R. (2022). Developing Deaf jurisprudence: the role of interpreters and translators. In C. Stone, R. Adam, R. Müller de Quadros, & C. Rathmann (Eds.) Routledge Handbook of Sign Language Translation and Interpreting (pp. 249-266). London: Routledge.