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They’ve only gone and added another 20km …

6 March 2015

Thanks to Andy for the latest blog.

Much excitement among us all this morning as the Velothon Wales organisers have finally announced the detailed route for the 120km ride. Except that, and in the small print of the accompanying email, they have revealed that this route is now 140km, with only an extra 40 minutes available to complete it. The total climbing has also increased, the total elevation gain now being an eye-watering 1,826m.


The interactive map is available to view at:, a page that includes a series of short videos, including one that shows the dreaded Tumble.


Having felt my legs turn to jelly and then looked at this more carefully, two conclusions have been reached …

1)     It’s going to be very hard and more training is required


2)     There is even more reason for YOU ALL to donate to the charities that we are raising money for …

You can now donate through the ‘Just Giving’ pages below:

Andy, Gareth, Katie, Lara, and Paul are raising money for the MS Society. Donations can be made at:

Mike is raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Donations can be made at:

Donations are much appreciated, and please do pass on these links to families and friends.

Thanks for reading.

In the next blog look at for a report on our 40k Time Trial and our trip to Abergavenny and the Tumble ……………….


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  1. Gareth Jenkins

    By the time we reach those trees in the pic of the tumble I can safely predict that there will be some unenlightened language being used, that’s if any of us have enough puff to manage whole words.

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