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The dangerous world of arm warmers!

3 June 2016

Apologise for the delay in updating the blog, I am sure that you have been waiting with baited breath for the next installment of our training.

Thanks to Andy for this blog post.

It was wonderfully hot and sunny last Sunday.  But not quite warm enough to go out on our latest training run without arm warmers on first thing in the morning.  It’s a decision that I am still regretting.  It was the four of us who plan to take on the Caernarfon to Cardiff run in September who were out: Mike, Lara, Iain and myself, the plan being to go up the Ely valley, climb over the top and down into the Rhondda, go further up, and then climb over the Maerdy, returning down the Taff valley from Aberdare.  It is not an easy route, but the ability to get up and over them hills will be crucial.

Arm Warmer

And everything was going swimmingly as we made our way to Talbot Green via the A473.  A quick break was called for, at which point the arm warmers were despatched swiftly to the back pocket.  But did they stay there?  Sadly no, as once we had started off again, I glanced down to see that one had fallen onto my front tyre.  Just as I managed to think that this was not good, it lodged itself between my front tyre and brake, the outcome being that I was immediately and dramatically catapulted over my front wheel and onto the waiting tarmac.  At which point, Lara who was closely following me, was similarly deposited into the tangled mess of limbs and aluminium.  Iain managed to at least stop and prevent us from further damage, by shepherding the following traffic round us.  Mike, who was in front, was mostly miffed that he had missed witnessing the unfolding chaos.

Adrenaline is a wonderful thing however, and despite the ‘road rash’ we all remounted, and following some quick bike maintenance (thanks to Iain and Mike), managed to get all the way round.  Well, all except Iain that is, who cramped up at Mountain Ash and had to retire.  The Maerdy really is a beautiful spot (see below), and well worth the climb, but boy is it a big climb!


Plans for the September escapade are going well, and I will be again riding to help raise funds for the MS Society.  Hence, I have once again set up a Just Giving page should you be able to support this, which can be accessed via  And as you can see, I have already suffered for the cause, my ribs still being decidedly sore!

I (Mike) have set up a Virgin Money Giving page for my chosen charity which this year is Mind and if you would like to sponsor me the page can be accessed via

All donations to either Andy or myself are appreciated and you will be helping two very worthy causes.

Look out next time for more cycling adventures, you or we never know what is round the next corner…………..


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