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Improve your career prospects with Continuing and Professional Education

8 August 2016
learn and lead word cloud on office scene
learn and lead word cloud on office scene

We’re continuing to showcase the diverse range of courses we have on offer with Continuing and Professional Education at Cardiff University, this week focusing on People in Organisations.

This module provides students with an introduction to the key themes, concepts and theories relating to the study of the management of people in organisations. Particular attention is paid to organisations as the nodal points of human interaction within the business world, focusing on both the social and the psychological aspects of these relations. Students will be introduced to central ideas of the social and behavioural sciences.

You may be thinking of moving up the career ladder into a managerial role but want to develop a better understanding of the management of people before you progress. You’ll study the theory to underpin management in practice. This course will help to give you the confidence you need.

People in Organisations can be taken as a standalone module or a 20 credit module on the Pathway to Business Management programme and consists of 12 weekly meetings starting Wednesday 21st September from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm, plus 1 Saturday Day School to develop study skills. Enrolment is now open on all of our Choices courses with Continuing and Professional Education. Go to the website the see the full selection of courses.

For courses held during the evening and weekend, free parking is available in the Senghennydd Car Park next to the Continuing and Professional Education Building and drinks and snacks are available for purchase in the Cyber Café.