May 27th — Yasser Altameemi: Representation of responses to a political crisis

Representation of responses to a political crisis
The research aims to investigate shifting discourses and the use of key signifiers such as “security” and “intervention” between two parliamentary debates on the UK intervention in Syria, and newspapers coverage for both debates. The first debate was held on 29 August 2013 to discuss the UK response to the use of chemical weapons (CW) in Syria. The second debate was held on 2 December 2015 to discuss the UK intervention against ISIL in Syria. Although both debates discuss similar issues around UK intervention in Syria, there is a huge difference of ayes and noes in the two debates.
In this presentation, I will focus on the approaches have dealt with analysing political discourse. As there are many approaches in CDA concentrate on the use of language within political process (e.g. Chilton, 2004; Fairclough & Fairclough, 2012; van Dijk, 2008; Wodak, 2009), a researcher may face difficulty to choose what appropriate approach can be useful for specific research. This presentation will not provide a comprehensive review for these approaches while it aims to give sense of how each approach can relate to the current project, and how which one can be useful for analysing political crises.