February 19th — Zeen Al-Rasheed: Negative and positive evaluative language: A comparative study on British news reports of the ISIS conflict in Iraq and Syria using Appraisal theory

My study investigates the linguistic evaluation used by British journalists regarding the ISIS’s role in the conflict taking place in Iraq and Syria between the period 4th June 2011 and 26th January 2015.
In this presentation, I will focus on the overall context and give a brief definition about ISIS, the main factors that contributed to its rise in both Iraq and Syria as well as the main advances they have achieved. I will also focus on the methodology that I have adopted which is Martin and White’s (2005) Appraisal framework. When describing the methodology, I will also talk about the data; the sources, the types of newspapers I have chosen as well as the dates. Also, the coding software I used and the procedures followed while coding the texts. Then, I will give a brief explanation about Appraisal theory and will discuss the three main Appraisal systems with some examples. Then, explaining the reasons for utilising Appraisal theory. Finally, I will say where I am now in my second year of PhD study.