The CLCR Postgraduate Seminar Series is where PhD students from CLCR and visiting departments present (and discuss) their research and ideas with fellow postgraduates. It consists of a series of presentations/discussions on our current research interests, including, but not limited to, our ongoing PhD research in the area of Language and Communication. The full schedule can be seen at the bottom of this page.

This year, the Series will run from 2:00-4:00 pm in room 3.58 in the John Percival building, starting on October 16th (see individual talk pages for exact times).

The details for individual talks/topics will be updated as and when they become available (via the drop down menu above).

Postgraduate students from all departments are welcome to attend. Staff members are also welcome to attend, but please check with the presenter first — this is primarily a series with which we students can hone our presentation skills and exchange ideas without the pressure of experienced academics watching us.

If you have any questions about the series, please email me (Neil Bowen) at

Here you will find the list of talks/topics for this year’s Seminar Series filed under their respective dates. For more detailed information please select the specific date/presenter/talk from the drop-down list above (click on the PG Seminar Series tab). Please feel free to leave comments/questions where appropriate. If you have any questions please email me @ (but please do read the footnotes at the bottom first).

Schedule of presentations for Autumn Semester 2015:

16/10/2015 — Neil E.J.A Bowen: Modelling systemic choice in writing in real-time (dynamic vs. synoptic descriptions)

23/10/2015 — Boitshwarelo Rantsudu: Patterns of attribution in news coverage of a public sector workers’ strike in two Botswana newspapers.

06/11/2015Dorottya Cserző: ‘It was a place where we were connected’: Affordances in personal video-conferencing

13/11/2015 — Jaspal Naveel Singh: “Direct” indexicality and re-scaling in the internationalisation of hip hop culture

27/11/2015Susan Reichelt:  Authenticity and authorship in fictional television series

04/12/2015 — Miriam P. Veneros: Narrative Voice in Science Popularizations from the British Press: Epistemological Positioning and Attribution Patterns

11/12/2015 — Zayneb’s talk has now been moved to Jan 29th. Please feel free to volunteer for this slot.

___________12/12/2015 – 03/01/2016 Christmas recess ___________

Schedule of presentations for Spring Semester 2016:

15/01/2016 — David Schönthal: Expert and non-expert sorting strategies for core and idiosyncratic examples of English of-NPs

22/01/2016 — Argyro Kantara: Hybridity in broadcast political news interviews

29/01/2016 — Zayneb Al Bundawi: Who am I? Defining oneself through narratives

05/02/2016 — Piotr Wegorowski: “They firefight. We do all the nitty gritty stuff”: Professional identity construction in neighbourhood policing

12/02/2016 — Nadia Elias: Marked Theme Role in Achieving Topical Coherence in Discourse in English

19/02/2016 — Zeen Al-Rasheed: Negative and positive evaluative language: A comparative study on British news reports of the ISIS conflict in Iraq and Syria using Appraisal theory.

26/02/2016 — Jessi Fraser: The role of hypothetical speech in identity construction in closing arguments

04/03/2016 — Mohammed Altheeby: Title forthcoming

11/03/2016 — Giulia Baker: Do you get it? An Investigation of Primary School Children’s Comprehension of Verbal Ambiguities in Joking Riddles

18/03/2016 — Eimi Watanabe: The Effect of Prior Knowledge on Attitudes towards Bilinguals

__________ 19/03/2016 – 10/04/2016 Easter Recess __________

15/04/2016 — Najwa Alzahrani: The Representation of Liberalism in Saudi Press


29/04/2016 — Emily Powell: A corpus stylistic analysis of agency in pre-crime narratives

06/05/2016 — No talk this week…

13/05/2016 — Paul Kelly: Mediatisation and the dissemination of policy: Beginning at the beginning. | Lauren O’Hagan: ‘Book Inscriptions, Ownership and Reading Practices in Edwardian Britain.’

20/05/2016 — Xin Dai: Evaluations in Sentencing Remarks of Murder Cases in England and Wales

27/05/2016 — Yasser Altameemi: Title forthcoming

27/05/2016 — Areej Dawood: Mitigation in Prime Minister’s Question Time of British Parliament

03/06/2016 — Gareth Monk: Title forthcoming

10/06/2016 — Tina Pereira: A critical evaluation of the role of communication aids in police investigative interviews with witnesses with a Learning Disability

__________ 13/06/2016 – 14/06/2016 Annual PGR Conference __________

* If I left anyone off the list I apologize in advance. Please email me ( to let me know ASAP.

**Please feel free to swop slots amongst yourselves, but do let me know so that I can update the schedule.

***Also, please can you email me your titles and abstracts at least a week before your talk; i.e. on the Thursday of the previous week. That way we can promote your talk in the previous Friday’s seminar and make sure that everyone has time to read your abstract.

Many thanks, Neil.


  • Shadan

    Hi Neil,

    I am Shadan and I am in my third year of my PhD in Swansea. Jim forwarded your invitation email to me as a language-based PG students at Swansea and I would like to attend to some of your PG seminar series. Could you please update me with your programs in Cardiff University especially anything which is related to “Lexical Availability” and “Testing Vocabulary” which is the my field of interest.


  • Paul

    The updating of the program seems to be inappropriate as Hossein’s presentation was carried out on 22nd of April while it had not been publicized despite his letting the updating staff know about his research title, abstract and readiness.

    • Neil Bowen

      Dear Hossein, If you look under the tab entitled ‘past talks’, you will find it there — it was originally listed under the upcoming talks tab, but since you have already presented it, it was moved to the list of past talks. The only thing that wasn’t updated was your title on the welcome page. Please appreciate that there are a lot of things to update on the blog, and when I get sent things last minute (I had to ask you for the abstract on the 16th and you sent me a different title/talk on April 18th from the one you communicated to me on April 14th, which was ‘UK’s universities: Are they going to give clubcard points to their customers in future?’), then sometimes not every single item gets entered correctly. I still have these emails in my inbox if you wish to see them.

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