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Team Aberystwyth

My CARER experience

1 June 2023

CARER has allowed me to build my confidence, not only as a medical student but also as a person.

It has enabled me to build relationships with my patients, gain independence with medical practice and given me an awareness of what my future will hopefully hold for me.

Being a local girl to the area, it has enabled me to come back to my roots and acknowledge how both GP practices and the local general hospital work.

I have met many patients along the way. From the very young to the elderly, GP has enabled me to witness the wide scope of individuals and gain knowledge on many different medical conditions. Being able to follow patients and be part of their health journey has been a privilege and there has been nothing more rewarding and wholesome than knowing that patients are specifically requesting to see you again.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity of CARER and would strongly recommend the course to anyone. It has enabled me to practice routine clinical skills, writing prescriptions, making referrals; allowing me to gain valuable knowledge and learn to manage my time effectively.

CARER has given me a positive and invaluable grounding for my medical school learning. It has given me experiences that I will take with me throughout my journey in becoming a doctor, wholeheartedly heightening my love for the profession.

Elin Roberts