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Update from the Cardiff Award team!

The Cardiff Award Team
The Cardiff Award Team

Read our message from Amy- Cardiff Award Project Officer, as we reflect on the past academic year and update you with some Cardiff Award team news……..

Reflecting on the past academic year

The summer is a good time for us to reflect on the academic year just gone by. And wow, it’s been a busy and a great year for the Cardiff Award- We saw 330 students pass the programme this academic year (the highest number to date) and we recruited another 540 students onto the programme who will complete it in March 2019.

An amazing statistic is that we learnt that from the 330 students who achieved the Award this year, they completed an incredible 73,771 hours of extra-curricular activities between them, an average of 224 hours per student, far exceeding the minimum of 70 hours required. And this was all alongside the other workshops and reflections they were expected to do for the Cardiff Award AND alongside their academic studies.

Our Celebration Event that took place in May was another highlight of the year- it was great to gather together to celebrate student’s success and commitment to employability and to have the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Karen Holford attend and hand out the certificates.

We have received some lovely comments through our feedback survey from students who completed the Award this year. Here are some of them:

“It was one of the greatest experiences in my student life. The Award helped me to develop and improve transferable skills that will be useful in my future student and employment life.”

“I have learned so much throughout my journey as a Cardiff Award student. It would probably be the highlight of my university experiences.”

“A massive contribution to my personal development. It makes leaving university for the big wide world much less daunting.”

“I’m so, so glad I undertook the award, it gave me motivation and acknowledgement for the extra-curricular activities that I was partaking in.”

As you can see, it’s great that the Cardiff Award continues to have such an impact on students.

Moving forward…

An exciting development for the Award was that we launched our new online Cardiff Award platform called ‘Potentially.’ Students no longer have to record their Award activities or reflections on paperwork and they don’t have to hand in a hard-copy portfolio as now they can log everything through our online system. This makes it easier for students to track their progress on the Award and of course it also saves trees!

Cardiff Award Team News

There are a few changes to the Cardiff Award team from after this summer. I (Amy) am going to be leaving the Cardiff Award team. Leah Doherty (Cardiff Award Manager) and Jon Farley (Cardiff Award Administrative Assistant) will still be here to carry the Cardiff Award forward. We have also recruited 2 Cardiff Award Student Mentors Lauren Thornell and Miréad O’Kane who we will introduce to you at a later date.

I have very much enjoyed my time working on the programme but I won’t be going far and may work with some of you in the future- I am going to be moving to the University’s Futures Connect- Work Experience Team to work on the Classroom Experience Project. The Classroom Experience Project involves supporting students to gain work experience in local schools alongside their study. So, if you are an aspiring teacher/ looking to gain some transferable skills through work experience in schools- then be sure to check the project out or any of the other opportunities provided by the Futures Connect- Work Experience Team through the intranet or by emailing

It has been great to work with you all!

With best wishes and good luck for the future,

Amy Campbell









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