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Top Ten Tips for Digital and Video Interviews- by Tim Fisher from Capgemini

Tim Fisher is a Cardiff University and Cardiff Award Alumna and is currently working as an Applications Consultant at Capgemini. Capgemini are a global leader in technology, consulting and outsourcing services, working in over 40 countries with the likes of McDonalds, NHS and Build-a-Bear. Capgemini are a sponsor of the Cardiff Award.
Tim shares with you Capgemini’s top tips for digital interview success………


Before the interview:

1. Find the right location where you feel comfortable

The last thing you want is a noisy background, or a location with lots of people walking into the shot. Find a quiet, well-lit room, with no distractions. A white wall as a background can also help.

2. Test your audio, video and internet connection

This may sound obvious but always test your set up before you get started. Often you’ll have the chance to prerecord a video before the official interview starts, but there’s no harm in testing on your laptops local webcam programme.

3. Get comfortable both looking at the camera, and talking to the camera

Off the back of the last point, make sure you practice actually speaking to the laptop so you don’t appear awkward in the real interview. Look at the camera and not the screen, making sure the laptops camera is at eye-level not above or below you. Practice introducing yourself, and re-watch the video as uncomfortable as it may be! Or even better; make use of Careers & Employability’s digital interview service – ‘Launchpad’.

4. Prepare sample answers

Think of examples from previous experiences where you’ve demonstrated certain skills. For example, times where you’ve successfully worked in a team, or a time where you’ve had a confrontation with a colleague. Make sure the examples always end positively. Don’t script the answers, but be ready to give well-told examples.

5. Research the company and role

Think about the industry you are applying to and research around it. What exciting things are happening in the industry and what trends are just around the corner? Make sure you know the company well enough that you could teach somebody else about it. Understand the role offered and be able to articulate what skills are needed to succeed in it.

During the interview

6. Dress as if you were attending a face to face interview

Looking professional will leave a good impression on the recruiter, even if you’re not meeting them face-to-face. Dressing smartly can also help make you feel mentally prepared and professional during the interview.

7. Relax

It may be hard, but make sure you’re feeling relaxed and act as natural as possible. If something unexpected happens, or you lose your track – stay calm and try and not become flustered. Having a glass of water handy can also help – you’ll be talking lots, and this can help put you at ease in between the questions. Having notes nearby can also be a good idea, but don’t stare at these whilst answering!

8. Remember we’re all human

You may not physically speak to a human in digital interviews, but they’ll be reviewed by real recruiters. The individuals watching your videos are human too and simply want to find the best candidate for the job. Messing up one question won’t necessarily mean you ruin the whole interview.

9. Use your body language – smile

Of course speaking clearly is important, but your body can also be used to communicate effectively. Positive body language will stand out on a candidate. Remember to smile! Although it may not feel natural, try and be engaged and be engaging.

10. Be honest and be yourself

Let your true personality and talent shine through. Be positive and confident, but not arrogant. Recruiters want to see the real you.


Final Words        

The theme across my top tips is preparation. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but if you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail.

Don’t forget to make the most of Cardiff University’s online digital interview service, ‘LaunchPad’, where you can undertake a mock interview. Please register on LaunchPad Recruits using your email address. This is a generic mock interview which will prepare you ahead of video interviews for internships, placements and graduate schemes.

Thank you for reading and good luck!




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  • T Rahman

    As someone who is about to embark on my PhD research at Cardiff after being away from academia for almost nine years, the points made by Tim is absolutely invaluable. Obviously, things have changed quite a bit since 2009 when I was doing a series of interviews as part of my MA dissertation in one of those Bute Building basement rooms and a recent walk through the new media department shows how fantastic things are for the new students! Really looking forward to April!

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