Cardiff Award

Meet Gemma Saxty, shortlisted for Cardiff Award Student of the Year 2018

Gemma is 1 of 8 students shortlisted for Cardiff Award Student of the Year 2018.

Pharmacy student, Gemma, undertook a range of activities as part of her Award extra-curricular hours. These included Pharmacy related work experience which was hospital and community based and also part-time jobs. She submitted fantastic reflections as part of her final portfolio that really detailed the skills she had developed through her activities.

What have you enjoyed most about the Cardiff Award?

By far, the thing I have enjoyed most about this Award is all the experience I was able to gain in different working environments. For me, being able to see what my job could be in the ‘real world’ was really interesting and helped to shape my decisions on careers and really see the relevance of all aspects of my degree and the need for different skills.

Do you have any tips for student’s currently participating in the Award?

Complete the reflective logs as you go along! It will really help to shape your next move as perhaps you participate in one thing and it makes you consider something different upon reflection, so then you go and do something else as a result. Also, seize as many opportunities as you can to gain as much knowledge and develop as many skills as you can- they are invaluable!

What would you say to students thinking about signing up to the Cardiff Award?

It is the most worthwhile extracurricular activity you can sign up to- I have developed so many skills through this award that I would not have otherwise gained, and also pushed myself to gain more experience and do things that I would not have before. Not only has it helped me stand out from the crowd in terms of job opportunities but I have also grown as a person.


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