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Cardiff Award Portfolio Submission Advice

With the Cardiff Award portfolio submission deadline approaching on 1st March for our 2016-18 student cohort, Kirsty and Nikkita, our Cardiff Award Student Mentors offer some advice on putting together your portfolio….

Do you have any tips for Cardiff Award students compiling their portfolio to hand in on 1st March?

    • It’s a great idea to make up a cover sheet, including your name and student number to go on the front of your portfolio
    • Have the Award checklist handy when putting it all together, make sure to include all the compulsory paperwork (see checklist below)
    • If you have decided to include reflective accounts, make sure to include these too and make it obvious which activity they apply to
    • It’s a good idea to ensure your name, student number and title is on every sheet of paper just in case any of your sheets come unattached
    • Check you have completed the necessary workshops, recruitment activity and CV clinic. If you have not contact a member of the Cardiff Award team
    • Make sure you have addressed how you have developed each employability skill clearly, when reflecting on each of your activities. This is how your Cardiff Award will be marked so make it clear which employability skills you have focused on when completing an activity and how that activity has helped you to improve on that skill
    • If you have any questions no matter how small, contact the Cardiff Award mentors or team before you hand it in. You can message us through the facebook group, email, attend a portfolio clinic or attend a mentor drop-in session
    • Remember to hand in at 51A Park Place reception, on or before 12pm on 1st March 2018

What was your experience of putting together your Cardiff Award portfolio like?

Putting together my Award Portfolio seemed a bit daunting at first although once I started doing it, the process was relatively simple. I ensured that I had everything I needed by referring to the checklist and formed a contents page using this. From there, I created title pages for each section of the list and included the relevant activities under these.

One of the last activities students will do as part of the Award programme is writing the final 500 word reflection log. What did you include in your final reflection?

  • Why I signed up to the Award and what I had hoped to gain from it
  • The skills and areas I noticed needing improving from the Self-Assessment Exercise and how I improved them during my time on the programme
  • How my skills have improved and a general reflection of how the Cardiff Award has helped me to develop
  • Plans for the future in terms of further development and how this will relate to my future career

More guidance on what to include in your final reflection log can be found on Learning Central here

Cardiff Award scoring criteria and information on how to be considered for Cardiff Award Student of the Year can be found on Learning Central here

Kirsty & Nikkita, Cardiff Award Student Mentors































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