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Why you should apply for The Cardiff Award: Post by Madeline Page

The Cardiff Award is launching and opens for applications this month.

With a new team in place, we are excited to start this year’s programme and support students in becoming more employable graduates.

To help give you an idea of what the Cardiff Award is about, Award alumni Madeline Page has written a short reflection on what she gained from the Award, and why you should consider applying yourself:

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Hello! I’m Mads and I’m in my final year of Philosophy here at Cardiff. I completed the Cardiff Award nearly a year ago now (!) and have since been the media intern for the Award.

I heard about the Cardiff Award through my student mentor and netball team mate, Emily. She mentioned that I should take a look at what the Award offers and so that week I went online to find out a bit more and decided to apply. I thought that it was a great way to get recognition for the extra-curricular activities that I was already involved with as well as enhance my employability skills. My degree, unlike many of my friends’, did not point directly towards a career like a vocational course, and while I had a vague idea about what career I wanted I certainly did not a have specific career path in mind.

Last year I gained so much from the award, but I think my absolute favourite thing is that I now love my CV! I think very few people say that they actually like their CV but I get annoyed when jobs don’t want to see my CV as the Award helped me perfect it for the different types of roles I was applying for, and now I am proud to show it to employers (plus, it looks really pretty!). The Award also gave me a better idea of careers I wanted to pursue and allowed me to access so many more events that are not open to all students such as the third sector panel discussion.

So, hopefully I have persuaded you to apply already, but if I haven’t keep reading…

The Careers and Employability team at Cardiff University is excellent and even before I joined the Award I found their workshops really enhanced my employability skills. However, the Cardiff Award goes even further. You create great relationships with staff who are super friendly and go out of their way to help you out, opportunities for networking with top employers that you could only dream of and talks and workshops from some amazing speakers that are exclusively for Award students.

And the best part? The Award is open to all degree subjects at Cardiff! It doesn’t matter which degree course you are on, what career path you want to take or whether you have even started your job hunt or not. So, whether you don’t even know what a CV is or whether you’ve already applied to lots of jobs, apply to The Cardiff Award!

If you have any questions for me just drop me a tweet on @madspage or @CardiffAward and I (or Beth the other awesome media intern) will get back to you asap.

If you’re interested in The Cardiff Award, please visit the Award intranet page for information on how the programme works and further details of how to apply.


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