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Get out of your comfort zone – Apply to The Cardiff Award (by Meaghan Crancher)


As the first semester of a new university year is fast approaching all universities students’ start to question their abilities and skills.

Unfortunately the careers we hope to achieve do not come with a wave of the fairy Godmothers wand.

Employers are looking for individuals who not only have a good degree but can demonstrate their initiative and self confidence effectively.

In my opinion your degree alone is not enough to equip you with the necessary skills to outshine other candidates. Job hunting can be cut throat.

The big question is how can you make yourself stand out?

Apply to The Cardiff Award!

See our 2014 video on YouTube.

The Cardiff Award is an employability award that recognises student’s extra-curricular activities and work experience.

It provides students with a support system, encouraging work based opportunities and internships.

The Cardiff Award also hosts invaluable workshops and networking events; exclusive to participating students only.

This all enables Cardiff Award students to become a part of the top achievers.

Every Fresher and current university student will be faced with new opportunities and challenges throughout their university life.cardiff-award-20121.jpg

Each one can and will shape your future self and your future career.

So why not apply to The Cardiff Award?

*Apply for one of the 400 Cardiff Award places in September to begin in January 2015 (More information on the application process will be available on our blog and our Twitter page soon!)*

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