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The Cardiff Award – First Steps: Post by Christina Cunliffe

CC first stepsSo in June I took my first steps on the Cardiff Award journey, starting with our induction; a jam-packed two-hour presentation that outlined some of the challenges and experiences we would face during the upcoming year. Having been given our Cardiff Award folders I left the presentation feeling optimistic and excited, which considering I was a little hungover reflects positively on the experience!

The induction explained the whole process while also going in to detail about how to approach the different tasks, which helped everything seem more manageable, including the dreaded maths test. It seems with commitment and good time management skills there is no reason why the Award cannot fit in nicely with our studies. HoCC footwever, this is something I am apprehensive about as in the past time management has not been considered my best attribute!  With the aim of improving this I am planning on putting my best foot forward by completing some of my 70 hours within the summer months. I am already contributing weekly articles to a news website that will help contribute to my hours and will hopefully provide me with plenty to talk about later on in the year.

I hope that by participating in the Award I will not only gain that added something for my CV but that I will also build my confidence, something I feel has often hindered my experiences in the past. By completing the relevant tasks I am sure my faith in my ability to present my self will improve significantly, making this experience an invaluable one.

I am looking forward to meeting a range of new people through the award as having read and heard the experiences from some of the past alumni, it seems not only does the Award boost your CV, but is great fun too. I will keep blogging through out the Award so keep a look out for my next post to find out about the stressful and the good times!


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