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The Cardiff Award: How Hard Can This Be? Post by Surabhi Bhandari

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When I applied for the Cardiff Award earlier this year, I didn’t quite think about what I’d gotten myself into. Being overly active in extra-curricular activities in school, I thought that participating in this Award would be no less than a piece of cake for me, until I started preparing for my finals earlier this May. I realised how balancing extra-curricular activities, a job and my law studies would be difficult to achieve.

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However, I was all pumped to attend my induction on the 10th of June. As soon as I reached the venue, I was handed an information pack which, when I peeked into, was full of sheets of papers. I apprehensively sat right in front of the projector screen and prepared myself for 2 hours of Kath’s presentation. I listened intently and was surprised at how Kath had gripped us all so easily. With every word she said, I felt lighter about the “burden” that I brought upon myself. I realised how important this Award was for my career. She explained each section of the Award in much detail and kept telling us about its importance for our future. The mention of the math test sent chills down my spine, but I have come to accept that Maths and I can never be separated, no matter how much I try to run away from it. I was intrigued by the emphasis on skills development and developed a much deeper understanding about the importance of extra-curricular activities has, in shaping our careers.

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 Earlier, I hadn’t been able to explain to my parents and peers what the Cardiff Award was all about, until after the presentation, I could go on and on about it.

All in all, I’m looking forward to kick starting the Award as soon as I go back to Cardiff in September. Over the summer, I hope to get on with the 70 hours that I’m supposed to complete as well as plan the year ahead.

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