Cardiff Award

The Cardiff Award: Already on the Path to Success. Post by James Ledward

James Ledward Picture1I sit there in the University’s Council Chamber, surrounded by other Award participants. My friend and I look around on the off-chance that we may recognise someone else. Unfortunately we don’t so we sit together and try to get our heads around our Award packs which we were given upon arrival. Two words come to my head…“Oh my”!

We look at each other with a look of terror as we ponder what exactly we’ve let ourselves in for.  I see the sheet titled ‘Activity log’: I have no idea what that’s for, let alone how to go about filling it in.  So instead I try and think how on earth I can fit my 70 hours into my already hectic schedule for next year.

Then comes the announcement that the induction will be about 2 hours long. I’ve never been able toJames Ledward Picture2 focus on something properly for two minutes before, let alone 2 hours and suddenly the flashbacks to long lectures (which I thought I’d escaped for the year) come flying back to me. After hearing about the structure; how it’s going to be broken down and given by different speakers, I feel slightly relieved. We hear about what’s required of us and that we’re already on the path to succeeding with the Award.

About an hour in, my brain is completely frazzled and so many different thoughts are going through my mind. How can I stand out from the crowd? How can I be the best I can be? What can I do to enhance my employability?

Despite all of the horror stories we have been hearing about when we graduate, I take great comfort in hearing that we will have the chance to meet with top graduate recruiters and leading companies and start to realise the huge benefits of being involved in the Award.

Admittedly I felt so much better after hearing the presentations and having everything broken down for me. Maybe this thing is do-able after all. I know that it’s going to be a long journey, but with sufficient effort I can get through this and as a result will develop skills which are essential for any employer.


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