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Cardiff Award: The Long Journey Ahead. Post by Oliver Curtis.

This week was the start of my long Cardiff Award journey, which looks to be fun but will require commitment. On Monday 10th JuOllie Journey 1ne I had my induction for the Award, I had a vague outline of what the Award entails but I wasn’t exactly sure about what was to come, but I was soon to realise what a journey I had ahead of me.


When I arrived I was given an Award pack, which gave information about the Award and all the different pieces of work we needed to do such as workshop sheets and our activities log sheets. As I was quickly reading through before the presentation started I suddenly started to realise how much work is required to complete and pass the Award.

However looking through the pack I realised as long as my time is managed well and I keep on top of things, the process wouldn’t seem too difficult. Now, I’m not going to write about how this Award will be a walk in the park, it is time consuming, it does take full commitment, but at the end of all the work and dedication it will be worth it and everyone on the award will come away with new skills and connections which will really get us all prepared for the real world after our degrees.

Ollie Skill 2

Kath’s brilliant presentation really helped me understand the workload that was involved and all the skills that would be developed throughout the Award. Skills development is the main focus of the Award, and I feel this is a very important factor for any part of life. To be able to complete the Award and say to future employers “Yes I do have team working skills, I do have communication skills” will be something that stands you out from the crowd.

I am looking forward to many different parts of doing the Award from the networking event in October, to finally passing the Award. Now I know the sound of psychometric tests may seem bad especially if you haven’t done maths in a long time, but I think they are a very useful tool to practise with, as most big employers these days will use tests like these to establish if you have the numeracy skills to complete your role with them.

Overall I am really looking forward to getting going with the Award as I feel there will be very valuable, lifelong skills to gained that will give me the edge over the competition!


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