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Modelling leukemic cell migration – in press

18 March 2014

It started off as a crazy idea and now it’s a paper in Blood. It’s the culmination of fundraising, sample collection and hours of experiments. We have developed a new system to study CLL. Lymphocytes are pumped around a structure where they encounter multiple different environments, similar to what happens in a patient. This makes the new model more physiologically relevant. The work, which is funded by Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, has just been published in a nice high impact journal. It’s the first time a system with continuous movement has been developed for CLL cells and it will allow us to study the differences between leukaemic blood cells and normal blood cells to test new drugs for the treatment of CLL.

Reference:  “Development and characterization of a physiologically relevant model of lymphocyte migration in chronic lymphocytic leukemia” Elisabeth Walsby, Andrea Buggins, Stephen Devereux, Ceri Jones, Guy Pratt, Paul Brennan, Chris Fegan & Chris Pepper Blood (in press).

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