Image from Leukaemia Lymphoma Research

STELA helps to predicts the future

Posted on 8 July 2014 by Stephen Man

Image from Leukaemia Lymphoma Research BBC Wales reported today on the development of a prognostic test for CLL patients by Professors Duncan Baird and Chris Pepper. This is based on the use of high resolution single telomere length analysis (STELA) to predict the clinical outcome of early stage CLL patients. The approach has the potential
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Modelling leukemic cell migration – in press

Posted on 18 March 2014 by Paul Brennan

It started off as a crazy idea and now it’s a paper in Blood. It’s the culmination of fundraising, sample collection and hours of experiments. We have developed a new system to study CLL. Lymphocytes are pumped around a structure where they encounter multiple different environments, similar to what happens in a patient. This makes the
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Mimicking the tumour microenvironment…

Posted on 6 July 2012 by Paul Brennan

Last month, we published a nice paper in the British Journal of Haematology. It was very productive collaboration between King’s College London and Cardiff University. Emma Hamilton and Laurence Pearce did some lovely experiments comparing different types of co-culture and their effects on CLL cells. The abstract is available online here and the reference is
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High hopes for the New Year

Posted on 4 January 2012 by Stephen Man

The New Year could be an interesting year for the CLL group for all sorts of reasons, but the main focus remains on conducting high quality research. The last year ended with the great news that two more papers from the group had been accepted for publication. Both papers involved the study of prognostic markers
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Two pictures of CLL cells…

Posted on 31 October 2011 by Paul Brennan

        Here are two pictures of CLL cells. These pictures were generated by Laurence Pearce, a recently graduated PhD student. Laurence is now working in Nottingham after succesfully defending his viva during the summer. One of the pictures was initially published as part of a figure in Laurence’s paper.
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Our first blog post….

Posted on 27 October 2011 by Paul Brennan

So following much discussion and some hand wringing, we decided to start a blog for the Cardiff CLL Research Group. We are an interdisciplinary research group that studies chronic lymphocytic leukaema (CLL) – a cancer of white blood cells. Our plan is to use this blog to publicise the scientific and social happenings of the
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