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Attending the UK CLL Forum

29 March 2012

Today, most of the lab is attending the UK CLL Forum Annual Scientific Day. The title of the day is “Understanding CLL genotype and tumour environment: New therapeutic potentials”. The meeting is dedicated to the memory of Professor Terry Hamblin who died earlier this year. Terry is remembered as founder of the UK CLL Forum. In a tribute by Professor Daniel Catovsky, Terry’s key CLL paper was mentioned. This paper was entitled

“Unmutated Ig VH genes are associated with a more aggressive form of chronic lymphocytic leukemia” by Terry J. Hamblin, Zadie Davis, Anne Gardiner, David G. Oscier, and Freda K. Stevenson (1999) Blood 94:1848-1854

This work published back to back with a similar paper from the first speaker today, Professor Nicholas Chiorazzi, represented a key part of our understanding of CLL biology. These papers have each been cited over 1500 times, according to Google Scholar, showing their importance and influence.
For a full obituary please see this page.


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