Current Members of the Group

Principal Investigators

Post-doctoral staff


  • Melanie Boyd
  • Lauren Elston
  • Dr Ceri Jones (WCAT Clinical Fellow)
  • Reiss Reid
  • Dr James Murray (Clinical Fellow)

Some Key Collaborators

  • Dr Jim Allan, Newcastle University
  • Dr Ian Brewis, Cardiff University
  • Dr Andrea Buggins, Kings, London
  • Dr Stephen Devereux, Kings, London
  • Dr Silvia Diaglio, Turin, Italy
  • Dr Arwyn T Jones, Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff
  • Dr Kristin Ladell and Professor David Price, School of Medicine, Cardiff University
  • Dr Chris McGuigan, Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff
  • Dr Jaseem Mahdi, King Saud University
  • Professor David Thurston, London School of Pharmacy
  • Professor Shudong Wang, University of South Australia.
  • Professor Linda Wooldridge, University of Bristol.


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