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Meet the Team

Meet the Team – Sam

20 November 2013

Name and job titleMeet the Team - Sam
Sam, Library Assistant.

Job description in a nutshell
I work Sunday afternoons, manning the help desk and fielding students’ queries. During the week, I work in Senghennydd Library.

Where did you grow up?
In a small village near Abergavenny.

What did you do before the library?
I worked in a shop on and off for a few years. I also had a brief stint studying History and Film in Aberystwyth.

Currently reading
‘The Stand’ by Stephen King.

Hard copy or electronic?
Hard copy. It’s a pretty big book, so I can see how an e-book would be a handy alternative. I just prefer physical books.

What are your favourite things about Cardiff? Any hidden gems that you would recommend?
It’s a great place to eat! Lots of choices, as far as restaurants go. I love Mexican food, and there isn’t much of that where I’m from. I’ve heard good things about Mission Burrito.

Best thing about working here at the University
It’s just a great environment to work in. I’ve had a lot of experience in customer service, coming out of retail, but the dynamic here is different. It’s a lot better.

Most unusual or surprising library query?
“Can you dry my shorts?” I had a student come in with a dripping wet pair of shorts in hand. She’d gotten them dirty climbing over a fence, washed them in a sink and then realised she had no way of drying them. We’re a pretty helpful bunch in the library, but we’re not equipped for doing laundry.