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Bute Library, make up or break up?

20 May 2015

Enraged by Eduroam? Enamoured with eBooks? Riled by reservations?

If you need a quick break from exam revision or have perhaps already come to the end of term, we need your help!

We’d like you to write either a love letter to your library service, or a break up letter about the aspects that frustrate or annoy you. Imagine the service is a person and explain to them exactly how they make you feel! Has your relationship blossomed or is it now on the rocks? Is there something you’ve been meaning to get off your chest?


Pour out your feelings anonymously using the notepaper and postbox in the library lounge, or complete your letter now using the online link below. Your joy and pain will help to make a difference!


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  1. Jacob Dirnhuber

    Remember the time you let me in with a coffee and I spilled it?
    I thought you would ban me…
    But you didn’t.

    Remember the time I forgot and went home with your book over Easter?
    I thought you would fine me…
    But you didn’t.

    Remember the times I’d work in the ASSL just to make you jealous, and
    you were?
    I thought you would ignore me…
    But you didn’t.

    There were plenty of things you did to put up with me,
    to keep me happy, to help me, and there are
    so many things I wanted to tell you when I came back to Bute when there was no work to be done…
    But I didn’t.

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