Study/Research Opportunities

Academic life at Cardiff University is challenging, innovative and rewarding. Our students learn from leading researchers and teachers who are driven by creativity and curiosity. If you have an interest in politics or governance, we have undergraduate, postgraduate taught and research opportunities in our School of Law and Politics as well a variety of opportunities in policy and communication fields across the university’s academic schools. You can find the full suite of courses on our Undergraduate Course Finder and Postgraduate Course Finder and we’ve highlighted some of the available opportunities below:

BSc Econ International Relations and Politics
International Relations is a branch of Political Science that examines the role of states, international alliances, non-governmental organisations and multinational companies in an increasingly globalised world.

LLB Law and Politics
The LLB Law and Politics programme is both challenging and stimulating, enabling you to build the skills required for a career in law or a wide range of professions. In addition to the foundation modules constituting the academic stage of training that is necessary to become a solicitor or barrister in England and Wales, known as the ‘Qualifying Law Degree’, we offer a wide selection of optional study areas which cover traditional and contemporary legal subjects.

BA Politics and Philosophy
Combining Philosophy with Politics enhances your ability to explore and test the basic beliefs and values that underpin our ideas about politics, and gives you sophisticated intellectual tools with which to do it.

MSc Econ Welsh Politics and Government 
The changing political and legal landscape in Wales poses exciting and challenging questions for those with an academic or professional interest in politics and policy. The MSc (Econ) Welsh Government and Politics is designed to give students an advanced level understanding of politics, government and governance in Wales and within the broader UK and European context. This degree will explore themes such as multi-level governance and shared sovereignty, equipping students to review and critically assess political concepts and theory, and will provide a solid basis for students to pursue a career in research or policy. The course is taught by the leading experts in Welsh politics and government and benefits from the close links that exist between Cardiff University and the institutions of devolved government in Wales.

LLM in Governance and Devolution
The past decade has seen massive structural changes to the constitutional arrangements of the United Kingdom, the most obvious being the creation of devolved legislative and executive bodies in Scotland and Wales.
The LLM in Governance and Devolution provides an opportunity to explore how these innovations have created new opportunities to repair the democratic deficit for which the singlestate governed from London was widely criticised, as well as new tensions between the devolved jurisdictions. It explores issues such as accountability, democratic engagement and what constitutes ‘good governance’ and aims to develop an understanding of the broader relationships between the ‘regions’ and tiers of government / governance at the state and EU levels. As well as modules taught in the Law School, a module in Politics offered by the Department of Politics and international Relations is available to students on this programme.

MA Political Communication
This course explores the rapidly evolving role of communication in political life, both nationally and internationally, and examines how changes, including the increasing importance of ‘spin doctors’, image-based politics, the 24-hour news cycle and the globalisation of media, are shaping politics.