Long Reads

Drawbridge Britain

Posted on 17 May 2020 by Richard Martin

A critical look at the Windrush Scandal and the United Kingdom’s difficult history with immigration and asylum from journalist Russell Hargrave. This article mirrors a guest lecture delivered by Russell at the School of Journalism, Media and Culture just ahead of the publication of the Windrush Inquiry’s report, which is also available as a podcast.
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Divided Wales

Posted on 23 September 2019 by Professor Richard Wyn Jones

Welsh electoral politics in the democratic era has been defined by ‘one-partyism’. Labour has dominated Welsh elections for a century, following on from an earlier period of Liberal hegemony. In international comparative terms the grip of one-partyism makes Wales a very, very unusual case. Indeed, it’s hard to think of anywhere that is analogous. From
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The inside story of Brexit

Posted on 11 September 2019 by Richard Martin

The tenure of Cardiff University alumnus Sir Craig Oliver as Director of Communications for UK Prime Minister David Cameron was an eventful one. Not only did he play a key role in coordinating the first UK coalition government since World War 2, but he was also instrumental in the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum and the
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