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Watch launch of new Welsh Government policy paper on Brexit and devolution, and the academic reaction

The Wales Governance Centre at Cardiff University has hosted the launch of the Welsh Government’s latest policy paper on Brexit. Brexit and Devolution is a new document outlining the Welsh Government’s proposals for responding to the constitutional implications of the UK’s exit of the EU.

The First Minister also outlined a proposal for a UK Council of Ministers that would take over from the current Joint Ministerial Council.

You can watch the launch event here in which the First Minister sets out a new blueprint for relations between the governments of the four nations after the UK leaves the European Union.


Roger Scully, Jo Hunt and Rachel Minto from Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre offer thoughts and comment at the launch of the Welsh Government’s ‘Brexit & Devolution’ Policy Paper.

Read the full document Brexit and Devolution: Securing Wales’ Future here.


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