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Feedback You Said We Did…2014

20 January 2014

ListenThank you for the comments you have left us in the library and the talking wall online regarding library services: these are some of the things that have happened as a consequence:

  • You requested a multitude of hot drinks/food making facilities – we don’t allow hot food in the library- I have fedback (scuse the pun) to estates to request out of hours access to cafeteria facilities.
  • You requested a Prayer room– We have passed this on to the estates department to investigate. There are also quiet rooms available – read more about this service here
    There is a chapel opposite ward B5 in the main building which is open 24/7
    Find more information
  • You queried Library Fines – we use library fines as a method for ensuring you can predict when a book is going to be available for use. You are able to renew your books online, over the phone or in person. You should also receive courtesy notices to warn you when an item is due and avoid fines.
  • You have requested an Anatomy hub– Sounds good- tell us more- have you seen one somewhere else? Where? What kind of resources where you thinking of?
  • You told us that people were being disruptive in the library- Please tell a member of staff about this when you see / hear it happen- Note: The second floor is a silent study area.
  • You asked for the ‘Take a Break’ timer to be investigated- The timer has been extended so the lockdown occurs 10 minutes after inactivity and 20 minutes further- you are logged out. Have a go with this and let us know how you get on.
  • You complimented us on the blog and running the talking wall- Well thank you very much- we aim to please!  Please continue to give us your suggestions…

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