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Trial access to Human Anatomy resource

9 January 2014


UPDATE: Off campus access to Acland Video Atlas of Human Anatomy is now restored.

We have just taken a trial to the following resource for your use.

View 3D images and use object rotation to help you understand anatomy using  Acland Video Atlas of Human Anatomy.

This resource should help as a general study guide, revision aid and as a refresher, it is currently on trial until 8th March 2014- Let us know what you think; positive and negative or if you have alternative suggestions for resources.

Please can you feedback to us your thoughts about their usefulness either as comments to this post or by emailing


  1. Mussa Mensa

    To whom it may concern,

    I am a core surgical trainee in the Wales Deanery, and I have been accessing The Aclands Anatomy Resources for MRCS revision, as well as in preparation for anatomy demonstrating for medical students at Cardiff. I have to say, it is an invaluable resource, and I think it should be continued. I am no longer able to access it however, so I am assuming the trial has been discontinued?

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