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NEW! Access to Trip Premium

Following a response from student feedback we have taken a subscription to Trip Premium.

As well as being able to do the usual search functions you will now be able to access over 100,000 extra systematic reviews without adverts plus

  • Millions of extra free full-text articles
  • Easily search over 175,000 ongoing clinical trials
  • Access to a massive database of medical images
  • Additional search interfaces from the basic form to using PICO and Advanced search
  • Access to tens of thousands of clinical videos

Note you will also be able to use these additional functions

  1. Export of records to reference management software
  2. Trip educational credits
  3. Article views, see which articles are most popular for your search

Please click Trip Premium to gain access.


Trip is a clinical search engine designed to allow users to quickly and easily find and use high-quality research evidence to support their practice and/or care.

The Trip searching page has undergone a make over- so now has a less cluttered easy to use interface.

You will also notice some nifty features such as searching using a PICO tool and searching for specific types of information such as evidence, images, video, patient information.
You can now also connect with Trip using Facebook or Twitter and if you register for an account with Trip this will allow you to build a timeline of your activity on Trip enabling you to access past searches and starred articles.

Have a look here….