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Ebooks trial

We’ve set up a trial to  EBook CentralTM . This is an ebook platform that allows unlimited concurrent user access. There are masses of books available in subject areas such as Health, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Education and Social Sciences.

Access is via:

There’s a short guide at http://corpweb.proquest.com/docs/qsg-ebookcentral.pdf

This has links to more detailed guides.

Signing in with your Cardiff username and password will create a personal account, enabling you to use the bookshelf, notes and annotation features.   Access is available via desktop & mobile devices and books can be downloaded for reading offline – these are accessible for a limited period of time after download.  There are limits applied to printing and copying and these are displayed at title level.

Please feedback any thoughts on this resource to the Health Library in person or by reply or email to blslibrarians@cf.ac.uk

Trial – Oxford Clinical Psychology

We currently have a trial to Oxford Clinical Psychology:


Oxford Clinical Psychology provides full-text access to over 250 titles in Oxford’s global clinical psychology publishing program in an integrated online service. Covering a broad range of specialty areas, disorders, and treatment modalities, Oxford Clinical Psychology enables users to search and browse high-quality research and practice information contributed by a superlative group of experienced authors and editors. Content is extensively vetted, and regular updates adding new content and classic backlist titles will soon yield a library of over 300 titles. This comprehensive library of both new and classic titles includes professional reference books, seminal scholarly and research works, and Therapist Guides and Workbooks in the renowned Treatments ThatWork series.

We would love to get feedback from you as to how useful this resource would be for the University to subscribe to, please send any feedback to blslibrarians@cardiff.ac.uk.

The trial runs until 20th November 2015.


Trial Access to Clinical Key

I hope you have already found trial access to Clinical Key useful. Please send any feedback through to us at the Health Library: healthlibrary@cf.ac.uk

You can access it directly via this link, you will be asked to login if you are off campus please do so with your university username and password.


View some of the features that Clinical Key has to enable you to build a presentation in this video.


Trial – The Merck Index Online

Until 13th July 2013, Cardiff University has a trial to The Merck Index.

It can be accessed on and off campus (you will need your Cardiff University username and password to log in).  We’d appreciate any feedback to healthlibrary@cardiff.ac.uk

The Merck Index provides access to information on chemicals, drugs and biologicals.

Trial access to Medical Textbooks from Thieme

Cardiff University has access to a trial of medical textbooks available online from the publisher Thieme until March 31st. 

The Thieme E-Book Library offers unlimited concurrent online access to a collection of fully downloadable medical textbooks, comprising of anatomy, basic sciences, clinical sciences and radiology textbooks.

It currently contains 69 full-color textbooks, which users can download to view, annotate, and print off-line

You can access the collection by going here: http://ebooks.thieme.com/bookshelf 

In order to download Thieme E-Book Library books to your iPad, you will need to download and install the iPublishCentral Reader App first. This can be done in two ways (via the platform or via the iPad app store):

From the Thieme E-Book Library platform (http://ebooks.thieme.com/bookshelf) access your first title and click on the iPublishCentral Reader link to install the app




Browse the AppStore on your iPad (search for “iPublishCentral Reader”).
Alternatively you can download the app on a desktop via an iTunes account and sync with the iPad.
The app is free; your Apple/iTunes account will not be charged.


From within the university wireless network launch your iPad browser
(note: they currently support Safari browser only) and navigate to


On the opening page, you will find the list of titles provided in the library.
Browse to a title of interest and click on the Download link . This will take you to the Download page.
As an iPad user you will see a download icon for the iPad. Click the icon and the “open reader” file.
Your title will download into your iPad’s Bookshelf within the iPublishCentral Reader App