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Raise your research profile – Flatter that ego….

Do you want to make it easy for someone to identify your research work as written by you?

You may think you have already started this process by registering for ResearcherID – go further and integrate your account with ORCID to make your research even more visible as ORCID is an open and not for profit organisation.

If you haven’t already done this-why should you?

You will make it easier for people to find your research, and thus raise your H index as well as enabling you to mark up your institutional affiliation more easily and have somewhere where you build your list of publications.

You will also find you can integrate your  ResearcherID account with ORCID.

The next time you log in to ResearcherID, you’ll be asked if you want to associate your ORCID with your ResearcherID or sign up for one. A link to your ORCID profile will be displayed on your ResearcherID profile.

What is ORCID?
Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier or ORCID is an open, non-profit, community-based effort to provide a registry of unique researcher identifiers and a transparent method of linking research activities and outputs to these identifiers.
Why integrate ORCID and ResearcherID?
As a founding member of the ORCID initiative, Thomson Reuters is committed to supporting ORCID and the needs of our users as they incorporate ORCIDs into their research, publishing, and assessment activities. We are working on expansion of the ResearcherID ORCID integration to allow for exchange of publication data between the two systems. This integration will allow users to push more information into their publication list, and in turn, continue to improve disambiguation in Web of Knowledge.

With ResearcherID, you can:
Manage your publication profile
Track your times cited counts and h-index
Identify potential collaborators from around the globe
Publically showcase your published work