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Point of Care Tools for Cardiff and Vale UHB Staff Clinical Key & UpToDate

Find Clinical Key and UpToDate on the Clinical Portal on any Cardiff and Vale UHB networked PC.

clinical key

Clinical Key is an online search tool which gives access to key point clinical summaries, 600+ journals, 1,150+ books, systematic reviews, practice guidelines, patient information and 18,000 videos and images relating to all medical and surgical specialities. This current, peer-reviewed, evidence-based information is updated daily.



UpToDate is a clinical decision support resource that provides answers to clinical questions on over 10,000 topics in over 22 medical specialties. UpToDate topic reviews cover all of the major aspects of a particular condition, including symptoms, tests, diagnosis and treatment options. Patient information materials are also available.


Athens accounts

Both resources are available off site using an Athens account.  You can self register for an Athens account via the Cardiff and Vale UHB intranet howis.wales.nhs.uk/ehl  or the internet www.wales.nhs.uk/ehl.  For help, please email soper@cardiff.ac.uk  or  cochraneliby@cardiff.ac.uk

Active Trials in Point of Care Tools- Revision aid?

We still have access to 3 Point of Care Tools…please do use them as much as you can and feedback to us – your thoughts on whether one of these tools would be a valuable asset to our library collection….

Feedback via Bristol Online Survey here or alternatively fill in a Point of Care Tools Trial form and return it to healthlibrary@cf.ac.uk