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Welcome to all new students- how printing and photocopying works….

You have a secure personal credit account on the campus network to pay for your printing and photocopying. You can add credit to this account using a debit or credit card payment via a secure website or if you wish to pay cash Pay Stations are also available throughout the University to top up.

myPrint is a web based service available on and off campus- so you can actually send documents to print from home and collect them on campus.

myPrint is accessed through the following website


To read more on how to login to your account and top up with cash check out our guide here:-

Click to access inf084.pdf

Printing and photocopying in the new library

We will have a new network printing system in the Library called papercut. The new printing system will be installed ready for the opening. It will offer users greater flexibility and more options for completing print jobs, and enable easier monitoring of the sustainability and management of the cost and environmental impact of the printing. The new system also has greater potential for future developments….watch this space! 😉 Students, researchers and staff will still be able to add credit to their print accounts using newly installed kiosks, or via the online e-payment website.

Your existing print balances will be carried forward onto the new system.

There will be an alternative pay as you go method for NHS users of the library and people who don’t have University accounts.

We recommend that the Emos photocopy cards currently in use are used up before we move as they will no longer be used at the heath park campus.

Staff in the libraries can assist you in how to use your network account for printing and photocopying before we move.