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Postgraduate students – we want your feedback! We’re all ears!

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Influence the future of your libraries today. Let us know your views online or in our sites by 18th March and enter a draw to win a £25 Amazon voucher and other sweet prizes! What is it like to use our services as a masters or research postgraduate?

How are we doing? What would you like to see? Where are we falling short?

Visit: bit.ly/CUPostgradLibrary (English), or bit.ly/LlyfrgellOlraddedigPC (yn Gymraeg).

Need somewhere to park your wheels?

Some of you reported (myself included) that you find it difficult to find somewhere to park your bike and that more bike racks around the Cochrane Building at UHW are needed.


Over 40 new bike racks are to be installed around the Cochrane Building and are to due to be ready on Friday 2nd March. Any prizes for most pimped bike?

Cycle safe!

3D printing?

Do you think 3D printing should be part of the library service we offer at Cardiff University?

What do you currently know about 3D printing? Any ideas on how it could be used in your teaching, research or revision?

We’d love to hear your thoughts:

email healthlibrary@cf.ac.uk
reply here or via twitter.

Tell us your experiences of using electronic library resources…

Cardiff is participating in a UK-wide Jisc project to identify barriers to using electronic library resources, which we hope will provide findings that we can use to make improvements.

Tell us your experiences of using electronic library resources here


The research team will be in Arts and Social Studies Library on 22 and 23 January  conducting some face to face sessions with students, for which they are awarding £10 Amazon vouchers.

Feedback You Said We Did…2014

ListenThank you for the comments you have left us in the library and the talking wall online regarding library services: these are some of the things that have happened as a consequence:

  • You requested a multitude of hot drinks/food making facilities – we don’t allow hot food in the library- I have fedback (scuse the pun) to estates to request out of hours access to cafeteria facilities.
  • You requested a Prayer room– We have passed this on to the estates department to investigate. There are also quiet rooms available – read more about this service here
    There is a chapel opposite ward B5 in the main building which is open 24/7
    Find more information here:www.cardiffandvaleuhb.wales.nhs.uk/Hospital-Chaplains
  • You queried Library Fines – we use library fines as a method for ensuring you can predict when a book is going to be available for use. You are able to renew your books online, over the phone or in person. You should also receive courtesy notices to warn you when an item is due and avoid fines.
  • You have requested an Anatomy hub– Sounds good- tell us more- have you seen one somewhere else? Where? What kind of resources where you thinking of?
  • You told us that people were being disruptive in the library- Please tell a member of staff about this when you see / hear it happen- Note: The second floor is a silent study area.
  • You asked for the ‘Take a Break’ timer to be investigated- The timer has been extended so the lockdown occurs 10 minutes after inactivity and 20 minutes further- you are logged out. Have a go with this and let us know how you get on.
  • You complimented us on the blog and running the talking wall- Well thank you very much- we aim to please!  Please continue to give us your suggestions…

Talking Wall…Please feedback your thoughts and comments to us on the Health Library services

Cat thinking


Help us to make a change to services for the better. Tell us your thoughts!

What we could do better, what you like about our services and if there is anything else you want to say about our staff.

We are running a talking wall in the library for the next month if you want to come in and write your comments otherwise you can leave them as a comment to this post or on this talking wall

Point of Care Tools

As you will see our point of care tools trial has finished. We would still welcome any feedback you have in order to help us come to a decision about whether a purchase is required and if so which resource.

Please would you bear in mind when answering our questions

ease of use
quality of information in the resource
comparison with other tools you have used (Cochrane/ NICE etc)

We are currently mainly considering the use of these tools for educational purposes and how it may fit into C21, so we would like you to bear that in mind when assessing the tools.

Feedback via Bristol Online Survey here or alternatively fill in a Point of Care Tools Trial form and return it to healthlibrary@cf.ac.uk