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Finding books in the Dental Library using Dewey

Now that the classification scheme in the Dental Library is changing, we thought you might need to know a little about how the books are arranged on the shelves. Books are now arranged by subject in numerical sequence from 000 to 999.99. This numerical sequence is known as a Dewey classmark.

If you have searched for a book using LibrarySearch note down the full classmark including the 3 letters on the end (which also help to identify the book) to be able to locate the item on the shelf.

If you find something on a subject that interests you- you will find more books on that subject in the surrounding area on the shelf so it will be worth having a little browse too.

Here are a couple of visuals to help you along;



or you can view our Dewey guide to be able to go directly to the shelf.

A new chapter for the Dental Library

We’ve taken the opportunity here at the Dental Library to make some exciting changes this summer – while the students are away, the librarians play!

quiet study area1

One of the most notable changes will be the switching of the group study room and the quiet study room. This change has helped us to create a lovely, bright, single study, quiet study area (see photo!) which is up and running and ready to be worked in! We’ve also been able to use our interior decorating flare in what will be the new group study area.We’re creating lots of new group study space ready for the new academic year. Stay tuned for photos of this too!

Not to neglect the book collection, we’re also introducing a new classification system to the library. We will now be using the Dewey classification scheme, the same as the Health Library and the Biomedical Sciences Library. If all this talk of classification schemes has baffled you, have no fear; it simply means that the way the books are arranged on the shelves has changed a little. However help is at hand to talk you through this! We’ll upload a blog post with helpful tips, and you can always ask us at the library enquiry desk if you need any help.