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SysNet Conference 2014

16 June 2014

sysnetThis years SysNet Conference took place on 4th June 2014, enticing systematic reviewers and those working in the systematic reviewing field from around the country to attend. As a former Information Specialist at NICE I attended with keen interest. This year saw many interesting speakers and poster exhibitions. Jon Bassey tackled the subject of rapid reviewing in his talk ‘Systematic Reviews: I’m confused!!’ His opinions expressed on the Cochrane Collaboration, in particular the length of time taken to produce a Cochrane review, stimulated much conversation over lunch; is the prestige given to systematic reviews synonymous with the lengthy process involved?

Faraz Ali also gave a unique insight into the challenges of completing a systematic review as a young researcher. He highlighted how helpful the SysNet training can be. As well as using the knowledge of your subject librarian, SysNet is a valuable resource for those requiring assistance with undertaking a systematic review.

Training to help with systematic reviewing can be found here.

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