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Help us Buy the Books you love- Tell us your favourite books…

12 April 2013

bookOne of the main areas of concern when we speak to you is about the availability of our most popular books.

If you find a key text (perhaps an item from your reading list) is currently unavailable there are a couple of things you can do. The main thing is to tell us…our mechanism for ordering more copies is our reservation system, so if you aren’t using the reservation system we won’t know that you are waiting for a copy…unless you tell us.

We’d encourage you to use the reservation system as we do manage them- so we will be alerted when there are 3 of you waiting for an item.

You can also Recommend a book by filling in the form here:

We have a video here demonstrating how to place a reservation

We also aim to purchase E-copy of books where they are in heavy demand.

Please let us know if you are struggling to obtain a book…we need to know.



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