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Finding books in the Dental Library using Dewey

1 August 2014

Now that the classification scheme in the Dental Library is changing, we thought you might need to know a little about how the books are arranged on the shelves. Books are now arranged by subject in numerical sequence from 000 to 999.99. This numerical sequence is known as a Dewey classmark.

If you have searched for a book using LibrarySearch note down the full classmark including the 3 letters on the end (which also help to identify the book) to be able to locate the item on the shelf.

If you find something on a subject that interests you- you will find more books on that subject in the surrounding area on the shelf so it will be worth having a little browse too.

Here are a couple of visuals to help you along;



or you can view our Dewey guide to be able to go directly to the shelf.

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