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EndNote Top Tips – How to refine finding duplicates in your EndNote library.

13 June 2016

The find duplicates function in EndNote is a massive time saver. A quick de-dup can free up space in your library and save you the error of using different records for the same reference resulting in confusion and even a corrupt document.

The find duplicate function usually looks for records which exactly match – so if there is a slight difference, say with an abbreviation of a journal name or first name of authors the duplicate function will fail.

Using the EndNote client you can refine these options.

Open the EndNote client and your EndNote library.

Click on Edit, Choose preferences and Select Duplicates on the left hand menu as screen shot below;

Select the options you wish the function to be sensitive to. The more options you have ticked- the more sensitive your de-dup will be. Be wary though if you only use the title as a match you may find numerous articles with titles the same by different authors being deleted from your account.

Test it out- see how you get on- and let us know what you think!

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