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Drug & Therapeutics Bulletin -Monthly updates

18 May 2016
drug and therapeutics bulletinDrug and Therapeutics Bulletin is a monthly bulletin which provides rigorous & independent evaluations of individual treatments and the overall management of disease. It is an indispensable resource for a busy health practitioner, particularly GP’s, aiding with making evidence based practice decisions.

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DTB  provides healthcare professionals with independent, clear, reliable information and advice to help ensure patients get the best care. DTB conclusions represent a synthesis of the best available medical evidence with opinions from a wide range of commentators. The articles are based on a synthesis of evidence with opinions from a wide range of specialist and generalist commentators, typically over 40 individuals and organisations are invited to comment on each article.

DTB is independent of industry, Government and regulatory authorities and does not carry any display advertising or accept any form of commercial sponsorship.

The most read articles on their website last month (April 2016) were;




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