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Changes to EndNote bye bye EndNote Web

Thomson Reuters are doing away with the term “EndNote Web”, not the product itself.

The 2 products formally known in this way will equivalent to :-

EndNote– This is the purchased software (available to us on the Cardiff University network) which also gives us access to an online account with 5GB of attachments.

EndNote Basic– This is an online only account. It can be created by anyone and is free to use. Its main limitations are that is has 2GB for attachments and 21 output styles and 5 connection filters. The 21 output styles are listed at the end of this blog post.

EndNote desktop users will get access to all the great time savers like ‘Find Full Text’ and ‘Import PDF’ and on Syncing their Library to their online account, so they can access their reference anywhere in the world, including via a mobile or the iPad app.

We actually see that there is also a 3rd route available to off campus users or distance learners who access EndNote via Web of Knowledge – This one is the “Basic” account but it will have access to all the styles and database connections set up by the University (just like this type of “EndNote Web” account did) but now it also has the 2GB for attachments.
1 ABNT (Author–‐Date).ens
2 ABNT (Citation–‐Order).ens
3 ACS.ens
4 Annotate.ens
5 APA 6th.ens
6 Author–‐Date.ens
7 Chicago 16th Footnote.ens
8 Chicago 16th Author–‐Date.ens
9 Cite Them Right–‐Harvard.ens
10 CSE Style Manual C–‐S.ens
11 CSE Style Manual N–‐Y.ens
12 IEEE.ens
13 JAMA.ens
14 MLA.ens
15 NLM.ens
16 Numbered.ens
17 Refman RIS.ens
18 Science.ens
19 Turabian Bibliography.ens
20 Turabian Reference List.ens
21 Vancouver.ens

Sign up to Endnote web

To use EndNote Web off campus you will need to sign up to  Web of Knowledge for a personal account (also known as web of science) you can then use the same username and password for EndNote Web because it recognises Web of Knowledge personal accounts.

EndNote is a database for storing and retrieving references. You can use EndNote to save references, insert citations into word processed documents and automatically compile reference lists in any chosen format.

You can purchase the Endnote client if you wish- currently on version X6, for a reduced rate from AdeptScientific. Login to se the discount price.

For more information See EndNote Web Guide

For an Endnote Tutorial go to: