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Access to Eduroam Wifi @ NHS sites in Wales

11 February 2013


We are pleased to announce that Princess of Wales and Neath Port Talbot Hospitals are now covered by Eduroam. However windows 8 devices cannot currently connect at these locations.

NHS sites are increasingly being covered by Eduroam. Morriston and Singleton Hospitals are already live.

There is an eduroam app which will locate where your nearest Eduroam hotspots are.

We’ll keep you posted on NHS sites as they come through.

Eduroam is the faster, secure way to connect to Wifi at the University. This connection can then be used when visiting participating institutions to access network resources using the logon credentials from your own institution.


  1. Alan Lillie

    Can you provide me with further details a on how the eduroam service was set up and configured from NHS sites, we are looking to do something similiar in Cumbria

    • Lindsay Roberts

      Hi Alan,

      I’ll get in touch with the IT team who worked on it and ask them to be in contact with you.


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