Open Access computers upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 is being rolled out to all open access computers in the library sites across campus.

Some of the main points to note are:

  • Documents previously saved on the desktop in windows 7 will not be carried over to Windows 10.
  • Bookmarks and passwords saved won’t be rolled over
  • Anything saved on the H: drive will be accessible- it is advised you back up all your work to this drive.
  • Multiple Desktops -In Windows 10 it is possible to create multiple virtual desktops by clicking the button next to the Cortana search box on the taskbar: Multiple desktops allow you to arrange lots of open windows if screen space is too small. Alt+tab can
    be used to move between apps as normal and then Windows+Ctrl+left/right arrow can be used to  scroll between desktops.

Where can I get more help?
Further help and assistance is available from the IT Service Desk:
Chat: Start a live chat
Telephone: +44 (0)29 2251 1111

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