Are all the books you want already out on loan?

If you find that most of the books you want to use are out on loan there are a couple of things you can do.

Firstly- place a reservation on the item that you want (even if you think that it won’t be back in time to satisfy your study need.) Placing a reservation tells us that the book stock isn’t satisfying demand and we will look at ways we can help. Check here for details on how to place a reservation for a book that is currently out on loan.

Second- browse the shelves to find books that cover the same topic in the same level of detail. If you aren’t sure ask at the desk for help-we should be able to find a good chapter in a book that covers the topic- even if the title is slightly different.

Let us know does this happens to you? Do you have any ways you think we could deal with the rising demand of books?

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