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NEWS: Research Day – Friday 27th January 2017

20 December 2016

Everyone in the department should have received an invitation to our Research Staff Group Research Day, with links to the EventBrite booking system. See below for details of what we hope will be an extremely useful day for all (if you have not had booking details contact Kenneth Ewan – ). See you there… 


Research Day Programme:

10:00 Welcome: Kenneth Ewan (Research Staff Group Committee Chair)

Ice Breaker: Science Scrabble/Crossword in small group at tables take it in turns to add a word relates to your research. The winning team will have filled the most squares in 15 minutes.

Feedback Post-It boards available during the day with the following subjects: “Requests for useful seminar subjects”; “Maximizing the PDR”; “What do Research Staff want?”; “Useful practices/policies in other institutions that aren’t in BIOSI?”; “What is limiting Research Staff?”; “Utility of and opportunities with the RSG blog”.

10:30  Session 1 – Resources at the Life Science Hubs (breakout sessions).
Choose your Research Hub:
EMRIC, Bioimaging, Single Cell Analysis Research (FACS), Plant Technology, Genomics , Protein Technology Research, Small Molecule Research

11:15  Session 2 –Technique Workshops and Networking (breakout sessions).
Choose TWO Techniques from:
Proteomics, Mouse disease models, Developmental biology, 3D tissue culture, Plants, neural function, Neural degenerative models, Imaging ecosystems, Molecular microbiology, Bioinformatics & Genomics

12:15  Introduce resources for support:
including mentoring scheme, careers advice, Pensions (USS), Occupational Health, UCU, HR, Life Sciences Hub Wales.
Drop in desks will be available at lunch.

12:30-1:30  Lunch

1:30  Session 3 – Joining the Research or Research/Teaching Career Track:
Advice from Recent Academic Appointees:
Joaquin de Navascués Melero (ECSCRI/Biomedicine),
Isabel Martinez Garay (Neuroscience),
Frank Hailer (Organisms and Environment)

2: 30  Session 4 – Seed Corn Funding:
1) Two awardees (Karen Reed [ECSCRI/Biomedicine] and  Cerith Jones [OnE]);
2) Tips and pitfalls of completing an application: Maddy Young (previous Chair of the RSG Committee)

3: 30  Session 5 – Becoming an Effective Researcher; Developing your Portfolio:
1) Developing your Unique Selling Point (USP)/creating a research identity: Esh Mathenthiralingam;
2) Polishing your professional online profile: Joe Nicholls;
3) Opportunities on the RSG blog; what the Researchers actually want: Andrew Hollins

4:15-4:30 Complete feedback forms and concluding comments