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Developing Software

25 April 2016

The next ARCCA drop in session at the Queen’s buildings will be occuring this Thursday, the 28th April at 2pm in the Trevithick library room 1.15. This is up the stairs from the Trevithick reception, in through the main library entrance and straight ahead until you get to the study rooms on the left.

The first of these meetings back in February set a useful template: a quick presentation from one of the ARCCA staff about a new service or interesting topic followed by a short discussion on that topic and then general questions. This month’s topic is going to be Software Development and Revision Control. A lot of staff and students write and share code, and this can lead to problems knowing what is the latest version of a particular piece of software, and in which was does one copy differ from another. We’ll be explaining how to collaboratively develop code in a manner that keeps track of and documents changes and doesn’t leave the user unsure about whether the software does what they think it does! Have a look at the latest guide to Git, a distributed version control system, for a preview:

As always, everyone is welcome, even if you’re not a current user of ARCCA’s services. This meeting schedule is just a guide, so if you have burning questions or ideas not related to software development we’d love to hear them.