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TV series starring Cardiff University to binge-watch when you’re bored

25 March 2020

Home-based? Struggling with boredom? Or just craving a bit of university-related nostalgia? We’ve put together a list of television series filmed in and around those memorable Cardiff University buildings.

Doctor Who

This classic science-fiction programme produced by the BBC has been around since 1963, but was relaunched in 2005 by BBC Wales Cymru. Most Cardiff alumni and students will be aware of its connections to our campus and its many scenes shot within our grounds. Keep your eyes peeled and see how many locations you can spot (especially in the tenth season).

Definitely one to pass the hours if you’re into time travelling, space and a bit of British banter.

You can find it on Britbox and BBC iPlayer.


Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘Sherlock Holmes’, this fun and fast-paced crime series makes use of Cardiff University’s beautiful architecture. Main Building and the Students’ Union make an appearance. The National Museum also sneaks itself into the show at different times.

If you love a bit of Cumberbatch and the thrill of murder mysteries then you’re in for a treat.

You can find it on Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime.

His Dark Materials

His Dark Materials is another book-turned-TV series. The Glamorgan building and Temple of Peace act as the backdrop for this epic fantasy drama that sees Phillip Pullman’s creations come to life. Other Cardiff locations are used and will resonate with those who have explored the city beyond university walls.

His Dark Materials is excellent binge-worthy television, especially for fans of fantasy.

You can watch this one on BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime.


A perfect mix of supernatural and thriller, Requiem is a six-part series with a talented cast and a plot that will entice you to watch all six episodes in one go. If you’re not too lost in the twists and turns you will notice some familiar places, and you may start to see the campus in a completely different light.

If you’re looking for something tense, moody and captivating then you’ve found it.

You can find this chiller on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Craving more of Cardiff?

If that doesn’t satisfy your nostalgia needs or you’ve already made your way through the aforementioned shows, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of TV series shot in and around the city:

Gavin and Stacey – Barry Island and Cardiff
Who doesn’t like a laugh? Barry Island’s well-loved Gavin and Stacey will cheer you right up. Available on BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Youtube and Google Play.

Da Vinci’s Demons – Tongwynlais
A historical fantasy series which makes use of Tongwynlais’s fairy tale landscape. Available on Google Play, YouTube and Amazon Prime.

Merlin – Tongwynlais
Another fantasy drama filmed around Tongwynlais and, more specifically, Castell Coch. Available on Netflix, Google Play and YouTube.

Galavant – Caerphilly Castle
An American musical fantasy that will become an instant guilty pleasure. You’ll be surprised by how much you chuckle. Available on Amazon Prime.

Being Human – Barry
This supernatural comedy-drama brought together a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire as housemates, who from series 3 made Barry their home. Available on Netflix.

Torchwood – Cardiff
This Doctor Who spin-off was aimed at an older audience, and follows a team of alien hunters based at the ‘Torchwood Institute’ in Cardiff. The series gained a huge cult following, to the extent a shrine to one of the central characters remains in Cardiff Bay to this day. Available on Amazon Prime.

Traitors – Cardiff
A mini-series packed with espionage, explosions and betrayal. Many of the scenes were filmed in Cardiff and a particularly memorable one involving a bus explosion takes place in Cardiff Bay. Available on All 4 and Google Play.