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Universities are for closing the skills gap

17 December 2018

Lyndon Wood (Hon 2018) is a philanthropist and founder of insurance provider Moorhouse Group.

Lyndon Wood (Hon 2018)

“I know that employing people in certain industries can be challenging. That’s why internships are key, and I work closely with Cardiff University to provide them.”

Those are the words of entrepreneur Lyndon Wood, who says that internships are “a great opportunity” for students “to get some real-life experience”.

He offers six roles to Cardiff students, who he believes “add value to any business with knowledge, skills and intelligence that can be adapted to the demands of the workplace – and, importantly, bring the passion to get stuck in.”

Providing internships isn’t just beneficial in the short term, however, as “by marrying enthusiasm, the skills learnt in academia, and practical workplace experiences, we’re raising a generation ready to innovate and take the job-market by storm.”

For Lyndon, that storm has the potential to shake up the corporate world for the better – and whilst the effect on industry cannot be underestimated, such opportunities play an integral role in equipping students and alumni alike for their future careers.

Osian holds a sign saying: have confidence in your abilities but never be afraid to ask for help
Osian Morgan (BA 2018)

Cardiff alum Osian Morgan (BA 2018) undertook an internship with tailors Ede and Ravenscroft.

“The internship was extremely valuable to me both on a personal and professional level,” said Osian. “I have matured and developed, and this has been a unique opportunity to put the skills I developed during my degree to the test.”

The result? “I now have more confidence in my own abilities to work independently, make decisions and solve problems, whilst I would have been more likely to look for guidance from a more senior member of staff at the start of my placement.”

Similarly, Elizabeth wrote on LinkedIn about how a short placement at Microsoft changed her career outlook.

“I thoroughly enjoyed […] the opportunity to learn about the tech industry, Microsoft and Dynamics 365 [and] the necessity for tech companies to employ those from non-tech backgrounds,” said the Cardiff School of Chemistry student.

“[It’s really] given me food for thought regarding my career choices.”

Elizabeth’s placement saw her shadow Elliot Howells (BSc 2016), a Technology Solutions Professional. Any Cardiff alum in a position to create a workplace opportunity can register their interest in working with a student or alum.

Cardiff students are brimming with talent, knowledge and enthusiasm. All they need is a helping hand to start their careers.

For every sector, for every type of role, there’s a talented Cardiff student with the skills and energy to help your organisation thrive. Student career opportunities can last for three weeks, a month, a term or even a year – whatever you need – and can take place anywhere in the world.

Cardiff’s Futures Connect team can put you in touch with over 30,000 Cardiff students ready to bring their skills and energy to your industry.

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