Journal Club

Friday Literature/Learning Meetings

Meetings take place every Friday at 1:00 PM in Main Building 0.77 unless otherwise specified.

15/12/17 Martin and Rob H Solid Phase Peptide Chemistry
12/01/18 Adam Manipulating E. Coli Genomic DNA
19/01/18 All Deamination Mechanism
26/01/18 Raquel and Ed Tales of Unexpected Enzyme Mechanisms
02/02/18 Rob M Some Simple Mechanisms
09/02/18 Sanjay Bacterial Acetylation
16/02/18 Ed and Raquel Biosynthetic Pathways
23/02/18 Jenny and Gwawr Working with Yeast
02/03/18 Luke S. E2 Conjugating Enzymes in Protein Ubiquitylation
09/03/18 Huw and Victor Alkene Forming Reactions
16/03/18 Patrick Basics of ITC
23/03/18 Emily Genetic Code Expansion and its Applications
06/04/18 Raquel and Alan TCA Cycle Refresh
13/04/18 (RKA Group MChem Talks in 1.25)
20/04/18 Alex TBC
27/04/18 Antonio Advanced SPPS: Synthesis of Macrocyclic Peptidomimetics
04/05/18 CCC Practice Talks  
11/05/18 Luke J. and Martin TBC
18/05/18 N/A Post CCC Rest
25/05/18 Dr Geoff Horsman Seminar
01/06/18 Davide Solid Phase Chemical Ligation

Topic Pool

Glycolysis Refresh
Electron Transport Refresh
Functional Group Interconversions: Acohols
Functional Group Interconversions: Amines
Kinetics: Classic Isotope Effect Examples
Spotters Guide to Heteroaromatics
Structure Determination: How to Crystallise Proteins
Structure Determination: New Techiques (EM, XFEL)
Structure Determination: By NMR

Paper Pool